Uncommon Strategies for Restaurant Promotions

FB advertising doesn’t always need to be about competitions, giveaways and contests. While these are good strategies to generate traffic and sales, they are not the only types of useful ads.

Consider a “get directions” ad targeted to people within walking distance (1km – 3km) at the times when the business is open.

How to Add a “Get Directions” Button to Your Carousel Ad

Consider an “Order online” ad targeted to people within the deliverable area, in peak times (lunch and dinner), limit your targeting to “wifi only”. This ensures you reach people who are at home or at work and are likely to order.

Run a coupon ad 1 – 2 hours before peak times (lunch and dinner) in the area of 1 – 3km. (split with wifi only). You will reach people who are probably hungry and wouldn’t mind a bite to eat or a happy hour beverage.

A picture of a nice meal mighttrigger an emotional response and increase the chance of them getting the voucher and using it in the future.

There are many, many more strategies like this so don’t always think you need to give something away.

Now get out there and WIN BIG!