Why do I need to do a social media report?

Don’t ever assume that your client understands social media, or what your job involves. It’s up to you (us) to educate them. To prove our team’s value. To prove our value.


You’ll need to explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Your targets and the results you’ve achieved. You’ll have to justify your budget.

  • Measure the ROI of social media campaigns so you can prove their value and targets met
  • Show clients how their social accounts are evolving
  • Identify successes and failures, so you can tweak to improve, repeat, or delete
  • Save time with automated social media reports – using videos, images, and comments to make them easier to understand and remember

Tracking your social media strategies and owned accounts will help you find what’s working and what isn’t. You can share your strategy across your organization and help prove that your team’s efforts are effective. Targets are being achieved.

Comparing your social media channels will identify which channels are favored by your audience. Which are bringing the most success, with minimal effort? Identifying what content is working and bringing high engagement means you can replicate your successes, and improve any failures. Check out the competition, and you’ll be able to compare market impact and see whether you’re missing out on opportunities to expand your online community. Seeing the bigger picture allows you to demonstrate that your business decisions are effective. Decisions like, prioritizing resources based on the channel bringing the highest ROI.

Now get out there and WIN BIG!

— @ESM

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